Health and Fitness, the Fun Way

Exercise is viewed as work; thus, you have the term work out. This is what makes people quite allergic to the word and, of course, the act. When people think of exercise, they think of grueling hours of sweaty rigorous activities such as jogging and biking.

More than people are willing to admit, the main reason why only a few are proactive in meeting the required physical activity is because they are sluggish. They tend to make reasons such as they won’t be getting enough sleep or are too tired from work, but it actually comes down to laziness. It’s even funny how people want to achieve health and fitness but do not want to put in any effort, so they turn to inorganic means such as diet pills and the likes.

However, people don’t realize that exercising can be almost effortless and may be something that does not have to be viewed as work. Here are some of the activities which can double as sources of fun while being considered as forms of exercises as well:

1)    Dancing. You may be able to burn as much as 250 to 500 calories in an hour, depending on the type and its pace. This is about one-eighth to one-fourth of the average person’s daily caloric requirement. What’s good about dancing is that there is one for different types of people. There is ballet for the timid types and street dancing for the hip. You can even go out with some friends and go clubbing or enroll in dance classes. Next time you hear a beat which you like, you may dance your way to achieving health and fitness.

2)    Sports. If you were into sports before but quit because of the rigors of work or because of starting a family, you can rekindle your lost passion for such activity. You can start in sports, which you can you do alone. If you were into baseball, there are sports facilities where you can bat the time away in your own baseball space. For those intro group sports, you can visit local gyms and meet other sports enthusiasts such as yourself. In addition, there are many health and fitness establishments, which provide the facility and equipment for a monthly membership fee such as bowling or ice skating.

3)    Outing. You can take your family, friends, or significant others on an outing trip that meets your daily need for activity. Instead of going out on movies, you can go to parks and play Frisbee, go boating, or just take long walks. You can burn as much as 400 to 600 calories in an hour of boating and 200 to 400 calories for walking. For the more outdoorsy types, you can go on a hiking or camping trip, which will allow you to burn more. Or you can just buy gym memberships for all your family, considering it also a time to bond. You can achieve health and fitness and, at the same time, meet other people as well as relax but still lose calories through gym amenities such as a swimming pool.

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